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Playa PIlates

Sarah T. at Playa Pilates the worlds most motivating instructor… Omg, I even invited my sister and now she is my Pilates partner…
This is how good Sara is!  Always on time and gives you and your body a workout never to forget… Thank you Sara as I hope to continue my health n fitness journey with you as long as you remain “The Worlds Best Pilates Instructor”
– Nadia B.  2014 

I have been coming to Playa Pilates since they opened in Playa Vista in 2008.  I have since moved to Westwood and had some new health issues arise.  I needed to regain my balance and strength so I returned to Pilates as part of my therapy.  I have had many of their amazing instructors, but am currently with Jenn who has developed a wonderful program with the owner to help me get back on feet.

This is a must for anyone looking to supplement his or her physical therapy!  Thank you Playa Pilates!
– Tom Kardashian  2014

I have been going here for several years and it has changed my life!  I have very bad back problems but in working with the staff and regime at Playa Pliates it has made my daily busy life so much better.  I find if I have to miss my session I just don’t function as well.  I ALWAYS feel so much better after I leave Playa Pilates and am thankful for such a great place to go to.
– Karen G. 2014

I decided to start going here partly due to back pain from working in the interactive industry for so long and partly out of curiosity. Pilates has always been really interesting to me. The combination of exercises possible boggles my mind. 

The facility is really great but the major reasons I love going here because of the closeness to home, friendliness of all staff, and my instructor. Jessica Kondrath has been my instructor for over a year and she’s absolutely wonderful! The routine is always different, always challenging, and always FUN! I’ve seen huge progress over the last year in my overall coordination and core strength and I look forward to my class every week! 🙂
– Janelle P. 2014

I have been coming to Playa Pilates for the past 4 years.  I am not the kind of person that takes classes and I had a bad experience with a trainer at a gym so I was skeptical at first.  Sarah Thomason is my instructor of choice and she’s great.  She challenges me.  She always truly believes that my mid-50’s, non-athletic body will do what she asks.  18 months ago I had a partial meniscus tear and was on crutches for 6 weeks.  Sarah researched and prepared my rehab exercises.  My Dr reviewed and approved the plan saying I was lucky to have an instructor who knows her stuff.  Yes, I am.  Sarah is a treasure and the Playa Pilates facilities are clean, in good condition and provide a variety of options to keep the workouts challenging.
– Mary B.  2014

Playa Pilates is fantastic. I have been coming for over 5 years and always enjoy all the teachers. Professional and absolutely do wonders with strength training.
– Teresa C.   2014

I’ve been going to Playa Pilates for over 6 years and love it.  I’ve worked out with several of the instructors and they are all fantastic.  Pilates has been great therapy for my back and as well as a challenging workout.  Never had scheduling issues and always a relaxing vibe in the studio.  Would highly recommend!!!
– Shelby S.  2014

Really wonderful place.  Wife and I have Eden doing Pilates for 5 years 3 times a week.

Instructors are superb.
Mike L.  2013

Congratulations, Keary, on your 8th Anniversary!  Playa Pilates is such a wonderful addition to our community and to my life. Your positive attitude and imaginative marketing add value to an already highly appreciated community asset. Thank you for your time and energy.
– Jeanne O.  2013

I just wanted to thank you Keary… for helping me get introduced to your studio.
I am loving the classes and the overall studio experience. I took a class my second with Jade this morning and absolutely loved it.  She is fabulous and very encouraging for those that are non-experts (like me). The classes I have taken with Brittany and Sarah T have also been really good.
– Christine Patterson  2013

I came to Playa Pilates as a last resort after eight months of pain four months of physical therapy and two epidural injections for herniated discs in my neck and back. My surgeon recommended Pilates because I did not want surgery. I started with Heather who has been so great and careful of my injuries trying to rehabilitate me in a safe way. Within weeks my pain was decreasing and my body was feeling stronger than ever. Now after three months, my pain is completely gone, I feel great and as a side effect, I have lost weight. I am so impressed with Pilates I have decided to pursue certification myself. I send many friends to Playa Pilates and they also love it.
– Kelly Wigington  2012 

Playa Pilates has become an integral part of my life in maintaining and improving my strength and overall fitness, not too mention my best stress reliever. The instructors have helped kick my body into great shape. I feel stronger, leaner and more flexible than I ever have. If you are thinking about changing the way you look and feel about your body then you definitely need to give Playa Pilates a try. I’ve become a Pilates addict because of them.
– Taulene  2011

Dear Elizabeth, Just wanted to send a quick thank you for being such an amazing teacher and let you know how much I enjoy practicing Pilates at your studio. What started out as an attempt to help me with some physical ailments has become my addiction. Professional, attentive teachers, top of the line equipment, and a clean, peaceful environment make this studio unique! Playa Pilates is truly an amazing Pilates studio. I have benefited both physically and mentally from choosing Playa Pilates. The innovative Jump Board class is awesome and I look forward to it each week! Thanks again, you are truly an amazing teacher!
– Debi Z.  2009

I started to train three times a week at Playa Pilates about two months ago. I wanted to improve my strength and balance on horseback. I study a form of riding known as dressage, a gradual system to increase the horses’ strength and balance, which is delivered with almost invisible rider cues. Already my body looks and feels different and my riding has improved dramatically. I’ve shed inches and my metabolism is revved up. The horses feel the benefits, too. My increased balance and core strength make it much easier for them to carry me and for my body to deliver the subtle signals to them that are required in my sport. In addition to the physical benefits of Pilates, my work with Elizabeth helps me to feel calmer, more focused, and more relaxed—an added bonus.
– Dr. Jan Mazurek  2009

Playa Pilates is a perfect blend of strenuous exercise and peaceful atmosphere. The instructors are knowledgeable and able to adjust the tempo of the class for students of different levels of skill and experience. Playa Pilates is a much-needed addition to our community.
– Lorin  2008

Playa Pilates has been a great experience, offering a very challenging and rewarding workout, instructed by well-trained, pleasant and personable staff.
– Gary Wordham  2008

I thought Pilates was just for dancers and ballerinas. I was amazed at how much stronger it made me in the weight room. When I lift weights now, it feels like I’m using whole sets of muscle groups and not just a few isolated ones.
– Peter Haven  2007

Pilates at Playa Pilates has changed the way I feel about exercise, my body, and being in shape. I have lost almost 40 pounds over the past two years, and so much of my success is from working with Keary twice a week at the studio. Pilates has not only made me stronger in body, it has helped me to deal with the stresses of life as a mother with two kids, and I look forward to my sessions with Keary as both a body saver and a life saver. This is the best thing I have done for myself in many, many years. I love Pilates, I love Keary, and I love Playa Pilates, from the top of my head to the tips of my toes!
– Martha Browning  2006

I have been a client of Playa Pilates since their doors first opened! My main goal back then was to improve my posture (which was abominable) and now you’d never know I didn’t always stand so straight and tall! Pilates has done so much more than improve my posture… it has been (and continues to be) good for the body, mind and soul!
– S. Panitz  2005

I take Pilates and Personal Training twice a week for my workout regimen. I find that I don’t feel complete without my dose of Playa Pilates each week. I benifit so much from the combination of Pilates with my other workouts that I have never felt better. Pilates keeps my joints healthy as well as my muscle tone lengthened. Also the last bone density test score I had was perfect. Thanks so much Playa Pilates.
– Mary  2004

The studio is the perfect blend of Westside dazzle and beach casual… A comfortable, intimate space where you can tune your mind and reshape your body. Keary not only helped my get my body moving, but provided nutritional guidance and the support necessary to make this a true lifestyle change. Not only am I more aware of how I carry myself (constantly tightening my core and pulling my shoulders back and together throughout the day) but I am making better choices about the food I am using to fuel my body. Thank you for the great results.
– Elizabeth Ralser  2004

As a client of Playa Pilates since it opened in Oct. 04’ I can offer the following observations and comments if you are considering Pilates as part of your exercise regime. I approached Playa Pilates in a desire to rehabilitate my right leg after a severe impact injury that had occurred several months prior. I was very disappointed with conventional rehabilitation and my Doctor suggested I try Pilates. I trained with an instructor a minimum of twice a week for the last six months and had amazing results.
– David De Mars    2004